A Day At Portebello Market

2:44 PM Pastel Lemon 0 Comments

Back in September I had the pleasure to work with the fashion blogger - Elle Lee (www.elleiconlee.com), a very bubbly lady and one of the top fashion blogger based in Hong Kong.

During her stay for the London Fashion Week, we set out to do a few small series of her strolling around London with her amazing outfits, as part of her blog and for her audience.

Here's part one, just two girls and a camera, enjoying ourselves strolling around Portebello Market, one of the most famous market in the world. And probably, the most colourful too!

For the full story of Elle's journey at the Portebello Market, you can now read it here:

To my experience, Elle is very different to a lot of fashion blogger I followed, and definitely one of the more poetic one, with lovely flare in her writing, if you are not following her yet, I highly recommend it ;)

Here's a selection of our day.