Street Fashion Photography

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It was a pleasure being hired again by one of my favourite client - Elle Lee, a famous fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Shanghai and Hong Kong, who has a demand of over 42k followers. Her works see her travelling around the globe, and she is a frequent fashion columnist for magazines and newspapers. Without a surprise, her talents see herself landing her first book deal recently!! So watch out!

I'm very pleased that this has been the second time I shoot for her fashion and lifestyle blog during London Fashion Week.

A great person to work with, and so enjoyable to stroll around town with and taking pictures of. It took us a couple of days to finalise our shooting locations, and I'm pleased the background tones worked out well with her planned outfits!

The only thing that was a bit outside our plan, was the rain. Nonetheless, it didn't killed the mood for creating some fantastic pictures. Towards the end of the day as the rain gets heavier, thankfully we were able to move our shoot to W Hotel London. So there are some indoor shots included in here too ;) 

Here's some of my most favourite shots from our shoot. Enjoy! :)

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