Start of Photography blog

2:20 PM Pastel Lemon 2 Comments

From now on, I'd like to start documenting my photoshoots, partly because I think its important to look back what you have done, so you can improve and move on to something new. This blog won't be much about technical tips, in general I'm not a techi person, but I'll definitely put down what I've learned from time to time.

Here's a few images of some new edits from some old shoots for a start.
Model: Amanda S
Styling & Make-up: myself
Dress: Charas Designer Wear
Location: Manchester

Model: Aslihan
MUA: Selena Jones
Dress: Charas Designer Wear
Location: London, Albion Riverside

Model: Hayley
Style & Make-up: myself
Location: Herts

Model: Rosey D
MUA: Sian-Louise Auld
Stylist: Kati Brugnoli
Location: London

Right now, I'm editing a new shoot which was done about 2 weeks ago... new images soon will follow up :)


  1. Great!
    About the photos, I think they're great, except Hayley's and well, Rosey's face is stunning, but the hands don't really work. ;) Just a little critique, if you don't mind.
    Oh, but I'm looking forward to your new work.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Emeranie. You were right about the hands of Rosey's picture, I didnt have a good crop of her there T_T Only if I have shot her with a bit more space to the right. Then the arm will be in a better dynamic shape. I really wanted to edit this pic of her there coz her face is just too gorgeous if i leave it unedited... hehe

    I really appreciate your critique, it's been very well pointed out ;)