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Haven't been updated my blog for a while now... was in fact busying with a few things at the same time...

But here I am with a good little news, that I have a few more works got published into two publication.

The first one is World of Photography Vol. 1, published by Archant Specialist Magazines, also the publisher of the monthly magazine - PhotographyMonthly, selling nationwide in the UK.

Earlier last month or so, they have emailed and ask about if they can publish two of my self portraits, which I had them for a test for editing practice purpose. Twice as lucky as it is, this is my second time that I have work published by them, and I am grateful that they are here, so photographers like myself have an outlet to showcase our work to a wider audience. So, thank you again :)

Here's the link if anyone would like to purchase a copy of World of Photography Vol. 1, which consists over 500 inspirational images from its reader.
The World of Photography £4.99. FREE postage to UK, £3 for Europe delivery, £5 for Rest of World.

The other publishing is in an enthic magazine - ELEM, Issue 18 featuring a story of the very first modelling competition of Eritrea, Africa, (Eritrea's Top Model) which is holding here in London. Similar to American/Britain Next Top Model, in the competition, the contestants have to go through a few different stages, and be shooting at photoshoots in different themes with different photographers. I was their very first challenge and their very first photographer who shot the four very beautiful contestants in a beauty theme. The Elem Mag covered the story with the host of the competition - Elsabel Yemane, and featuring all the final chosen shots for the girls.

The competition final is going live on 27 November · 22:00 - 23:00 in London.
For people who are interested to go to see the final show down, you can visit their official event page on facebook [here]

Elem Mag is available at a selective stockists in London (UK), Germany, USA and Canada.
For stockist, please click here.

And here are my most favourite shots of the girls :)






  1. Congratulations and much deserved. Im sure this is just a start of many publications for you. keep up the great work! xx