Fashion Story

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Happy 2011 everyone!
My new year resolutions this year would be shooting more fashion story.
And of course to improve my skills further.

From my last few times shooting fashion story, I realised its very hard to pick the perfect one to feature into a story, not only because picking up the right mood within the images to fit into the story theme is important, also because the slightest little things such as where the models gaze does matter!! And colour, light, angle, background...etc. too many to list...

I hope by keep practising to put a story together, will earn me the experience and a very sufficient way to plan any future fashion story, not to mention the preparation and "storyboard" has to be looked into the very last details. Shooting outdoor is always a challenge, because there could always be unexpected things happened. For example, there could be loads of rubbish dump into the street waiting for the bin man to collect, and could have ruined the plan for your shoot, and unfortunately that is exactly what happened to me in one of my shoots near Oxford Circus in London last month >,< doh

Here's the first fashion story I have done as a test, titled:
Where The Wild Things Are

Hope you like :)

Model: Melanie Rose
Make-up: Miriam Cyna
Styling: moi