Backstage - Bio Signature Campaign

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Recently just completed a super packed commercial campaign shoot for the 100% natural and organic skincare company - BIO SIGNATURE.

Bio Signature (based in Macau, and representative for Hong Kong) is the sole trader of some of the best organic skincare brands from UK and Taiwan. Brands they represent including S5 Skincare, CF Honey, Evolve Organic and  Lulu & Boo.

Candace doing make up on Agatha

On the day we have two amazing make up artists - Candace Engelbrecht and Tanya McGeever. Models we have Agatha, Elinor, Jana and Elaine. All very capable and exceptionally beautiful models each represents a brand.

Wardrobe for the day

There are quite a few things to cover on this shoot, from commercial to campaign images, we are also shooting all the catalogue photos for nearly 40 products from all four brands that Bio Signature represents. Time was tight, but thankfully with the help of our studio assistant - Ieva Matulaityte, and some impeccable planning we have not only managed to finish all the shots in the 8 hours studio session, we also have enough time to do some portraits for the ladies at Bio Signature, for their launch of their official website.

With special thanks to D10 Studio (London)
all our gorgeous models
the talented make up artists
our super lovely assistant
and to Bio Signature crew who flew all the way to UK.