Boxing Portraits

5:57 AM Pastel Lemon 0 Comments

Before being appointed for this private shoot, I never thought about I would do a boxing theme.  It has been an exceptional, amazing, and energy charged experience, as you would expect from such high energy sport.

My private client - Adam, who hired me gave his complete trust to me, and we start shooting around inside the legendary Repton Boxing Club located in East London, established since 1884, and an active boxing club. It is also the place where the infamous Kray brothers used to train. I felt really lucky to have been able to shoot there.

What's really eye opening to me, it is not because of the Kray brothers trained there, but the boxing club is literally a time capsule, where you can see very little has changed since its beginning. The walls are covered with posters, scores, and documentations from all its bygone years. Comparing to lots of "hip" establishments in the East End, this is the first time I really felt I was in the heart of a real and genuine East London, along with it, is its strong spirit and essence.