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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Katerina Plotnikova


I don't normally post pics from another photographer on my blog, but I feel I really have to share this one if you haven't yet come across of Miss Katerina Plotnikova's other worldly work.

Her work is often so dreamy, fantasy-like and she works so great with many woodland animals. I'm not talking about any animals but some of the most fear and wild animals! These images really warmed my heart, I have great pleasure of viewing these images, and I hope you will too.

As far as I am concerned, the photographer had a professional animal carer to take good care of the animals while in production. And I must stress that no one should go up to any wild animals on your own to make the same attempt, unless you have professional advice and help.

Here below is some of her work here with the woodland creatures, to see more of her work, you can like her page on facebook:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Photography

Thought I will share a few snaps from my personal life with my little angel - Erin.
She was born three months ago, and these pictures were taken when she was three weeks old.

I can't believe how time fly past so fast, it has since been three months...
Look at her how much she has grown and had her first dress-up for Halloween :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter Edge

Finally had a chance to update my blog, and here's the finished pictures from what I was talking about in the last post here. I want to thank you everyone who were involved in this shoot, it was super fun, and an all round successful shoot!! Guys thank you again!!! xxx

Styling By | Aloye Adede @
MUA | Gosia Peruzynska
Hair | Rebecca Amoroso & Yannis Charalampopoulos
Model | Dani Miltenberger @ MO Model Management
Photography By | Berna V Photography

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recent fashion shoot

Haven't updated my blog for a while now (again). This year hasn't been able to do much for my own projects with other works on the plate. But so happy that I got to shoot again for my own stuff! The joy was overwhelming as I had possibly the most fun, and lovely team! Here's some sneak peek of the shoot, I'm sure I'll be sharing the end results with you guys soon again :>

A big heartful thank you to the team :)


Monday, March 26, 2012

Tribal Beauty

Last friday I have just finished a beauty shoot inspired by tribal looks. The make up look we have used on this shoot is a very hot look for runway, and hair was inspired by one of the Simone Rocha's London Fashion Week catwalk show done by Bumble & bumble. Instead of braiding the hair on the back, we tied a few pony tails in a straight line on the back of the head, then bring the end to the front and braid it, then fold back the extended braided bits, and pinned it down, which somewhat looks like what the ancient Chinese court officials/soldiers do in the old time.

Since we are on a tribal theme, and managed to find two very beautiful models, so i think its time to carry on with my personal projects I started a long time ago - the Human's Origin project.

It is a mini, on-going series to celebrate beauties from all over the world. Inspired by the tagline: "All life sprung from Africa", in which I have incorporated African tribal patterns to work as part of the "ornament" which looks like a necklace (or neck choker) emphasising the beauty aspect on the chosen representing personality. 

The existing pieces in this project can be viewed from my website:

So at the end, not only able to accomplish a set of tribal beauty look, I am so happy that there'll be two more new pieces adding to the Human's Origin collection. For now, I will share with you the final shots from the Tribal Beauty, but you'll have to wait for the two new pieces for Human's Origin ;p

Model: Micaela S.

Model: Irena K.

Both make up by: Christine Zemura (

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oxygen Beauty Shoot

Recently have done a beauty test shoot with Oxygen Models, Mimi and Julia. The double shot is my most favourite, that's making me wanting to do more duo shoots :>

Model: Julia & Mimi (Oxygen)
Stylist: Helen McGuckin
Make Up: Erika Wilson
Hair: Yoshi Yamamoto

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Year! New Stuff! New Plan!!

Yoooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo

Again, have been a bit neglected my blog...
Here's new year, I hope everyone had a great celebrations, and I have promised myself some new directions and plan over the new year.

First of all, planning to do more male photography, something I really haven't been explored much in the past, besides using my boyfriend/fiance for testing lights, that's one thing I ought to invest more time and ideas on. Hope this will give some fresh look to my portfolio after a while.

Stepping into February, have done two test shoots with two male models so far. In the next few months, besides keep on testing with male models and some new ideas, and going back to my series "Human Origins" for a bit...Next step will be going to explore more in shooting with film camera! With a new job starting soon at the end of this month, at least I shouldn't have to worry too much about spending money testing on the film format, I dare say the first one or two times could be a waste on films :S But we'll see. Having a digital camera at hand i guess I can still at least cheat for a bit!!

And here it is, some new shots done in the new year. And some shots done a while back with Aga (@ Storm) wearing Victim Fashion Street. Great models and fantastic wardrobe, I can't be more happy!!

Model: Emeric Bernard-Jones (@ Maverick Models)

Model: Ben Wong

Model: Aga (@ Storm)
Wardrobe: Victim Fashion Street