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Friday, November 21, 2014

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A Day At Portebello Market

Back in September I had the pleasure to work with the fashion blogger - Elle Lee (, a very bubbly lady and one of the top fashion blogger based in Hong Kong.

During her stay for the London Fashion Week, we set out to do a few small series of her strolling around London with her amazing outfits, as part of her blog and for her audience.

Here's part one, just two girls and a camera, enjoying ourselves strolling around Portebello Market, one of the most famous market in the world. And probably, the most colourful too!

For the full story of Elle's journey at the Portebello Market, you can now read it here:

To my experience, Elle is very different to a lot of fashion blogger I followed, and definitely one of the more poetic one, with lovely flare in her writing, if you are not following her yet, I highly recommend it ;)

Here's a selection of our day.

Friday, November 7, 2014

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Supermodel Coco Rocha Strikes 1,000 Poses In 360 Degrees

To me, supermodel Coco Rocha has always been a very inspirational figure, not just because she's a supermodel, her work ethnic, but also her daring nature and often stand up to address important issues which made her a rather important role models to a lot of women.

So when I hear about her latest adventure with photographer Steven Sebring, publishing a 2,000-page tome from HarperCollins called The Study of Pose, I got very excited indeed!!!

Rocha has always been known in the circle as the 'Queen of the Pose', and in this e-book, featuring Rocha in a simple leotard, under a single light source, audience gets to see Rocha contorts herself into 1000 different poses in 360 degree!! I'm sure this will not only be an importance reference source for any new models, but also invaluable to photographers who want to get references to relate to their ideas and concepts. From seeing some samples of the book, I think a lot of traditional figure artists will also love it to bits!!

"One of the things that Rocha is most proud of about the book, however, is its radical, unedited honesty. Since the forthcoming e-book allows readers to rotate the image, there are countless angles from which Rocha looks graceless—the opposite of a model. When Rocha does traditional modeling, there’s often a team of people using smoke and mirrors—or more literally, clamps and a wind machine—to make sure the image they’re projecting to the single camera looks perfect. In Sebring’s all-seeing dome, “there were no clamps, no wind machine,” she says.
“It was just full-on Coco,” says Sebring."

For a complete interview with Rocha and Sebring and samples, you can read it here:


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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[NEWS]: Important Changes to Facebook Page

A few days ago, Facebook has forced my personal page (reserved for photography businesses & contacts) into a public business page. So a lot of people on my contact list is now forced to change to as a "follower" on my new business page on facebook (Here:

Unfortunately, because a business page doesn't work the same as a personal page, i.e. I cannot initiate a private message; therefore I have no choice but to open up a new personal page that is solely for business use only. As a freelance photographer, we rely a lot on personal contacts, to maintain a relationship with anyone who has a potential to work together on a project. And Facebook's decision on forcing my personal page into a new business page has taken that away completely.

So if you were wondering why you were being invited to be friend with me again, please don't be alarm, it is not a fake account.

My new personal account is:

I'd be very honoured to have you on my friend list again.

Before this happened, I already have an existing business page, therefore I'd be closing the old one up shortly. If you are a follower on the old one but not the new one, you can follow me on my new page here:

The old business page that is going to be deleted shortly is this one:

Thank you.

Monday, August 18, 2014

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Actor Portfolio Shoot

It has been a while since I last shooting for actor's book. This time round I'm so happy that I went back to the basics, and shot this set of pictures for Brandon. Photography style
is very raw, it's all about the character.  It all came through very nicely and strongly, and I am very happy with the result.

Last but not least, very glad to have the opportunity to shoot with Brandon, who normally works and lives in Japan.

Brandon Francis 

Copyrights: Berna V Photography

Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Katerina Plotnikova


I don't normally post pics from another photographer on my blog, but I feel I really have to share this one if you haven't yet come across of Miss Katerina Plotnikova's other worldly work.

Her work is often so dreamy, fantasy-like and she works so great with many woodland animals. I'm not talking about any animals but some of the most fear and wild animals! These images really warmed my heart, I have great pleasure of viewing these images, and I hope you will too.

As far as I am concerned, the photographer had a professional animal carer to take good care of the animals while in production. And I must stress that no one should go up to any wild animals on your own to make the same attempt, unless you have professional advice and help.

Here below is some of her work here with the woodland creatures, to see more of her work, you can like her page on facebook:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Baby Photography

Thought I will share a few snaps from my personal life with my little angel - Erin.
She was born three months ago, and these pictures were taken when she was three weeks old.

I can't believe how time fly past so fast, it has since been three months...
Look at her how much she has grown and had her first dress-up for Halloween :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

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Winter Edge

Finally had a chance to update my blog, and here's the finished pictures from what I was talking about in the last post here. I want to thank you everyone who were involved in this shoot, it was super fun, and an all round successful shoot!! Guys thank you again!!! xxx

Styling By | Aloye Adede @
MUA | Gosia Peruzynska
Hair | Rebecca Amoroso & Yannis Charalampopoulos
Model | Dani Miltenberger @ MO Model Management
Photography By | Berna V Photography