Tribal Beauty

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Last friday I have just finished a beauty shoot inspired by tribal looks. The make up look we have used on this shoot is a very hot look for runway, and hair was inspired by one of the Simone Rocha's London Fashion Week catwalk show done by Bumble & bumble. Instead of braiding the hair on the back, we tied a few pony tails in a straight line on the back of the head, then bring the end to the front and braid it, then fold back the extended braided bits, and pinned it down, which somewhat looks like what the ancient Chinese court officials/soldiers do in the old time.

Since we are on a tribal theme, and managed to find two very beautiful models, so i think its time to carry on with my personal projects I started a long time ago - the Human's Origin project.

It is a mini, on-going series to celebrate beauties from all over the world. Inspired by the tagline: "All life sprung from Africa", in which I have incorporated African tribal patterns to work as part of the "ornament" which looks like a necklace (or neck choker) emphasising the beauty aspect on the chosen representing personality. 

The existing pieces in this project can be viewed from my website:

So at the end, not only able to accomplish a set of tribal beauty look, I am so happy that there'll be two more new pieces adding to the Human's Origin collection. For now, I will share with you the final shots from the Tribal Beauty, but you'll have to wait for the two new pieces for Human's Origin ;p
 Model: Micaela S.
Model: Irena K.

Both make up by: Christine Zemura (

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