Inspiration this month

11:30 PM Berna 2 Comments

To help myself better with designing process and creative thinking, I have decided to take a regular exercise to keep track of what things inspire me, and make me happy. Something that I have been so neglected to do, but shouldn't have overlooked the importance of this exercise whereas will help me to visualise what's in my mind.

This month, welcoming the summer and the sight of the royal wedding, I found myself especially drawn to flowers, the red-tangy colour mix with neutral tone, and the floaty fabric. That's me yearning for a bright, and colourful summer with a breeze through my sleeves :>


  1. Good on you!
    sounds very interesting, hope to see your inspiration comes to life soon XD

  2. thanks hunni :D
    Yeah, will come to life soon XD
    working hard on it right now :) xxx