Magazine Deal

7:11 PM Berna 2 Comments

Yesterday I got offer an opportunity to contribute images (my photography work), to a top fashion magazine in Indonesia!! I'm so so so happy!! They actually found me on flickr!! Can you believe it!?

Its really great to know my first step was made into the publishing world. I can only hope my standard would become better and better, and someone (agency) would noticing my work, and can have more and proper paid job opportunity in the future. Well, who knows what might happen!?

The magazine going to publish my work is: Fiori Magazine
with 45K run in printing and 30K readers in Indonesia, mainly in Bali with international readers.

I've already submitted 6 beauty images for their Nov issue. And today I was asked to send 4 more fashion images as well!! It's really cool if its gonna be a regular thing =^.^=