A bit of updates

11:03 AM Berna 0 Comments

Recently I have not been very active doing any fashion or beauty photography, good in some way because I have just been back from a very nice holiday in Cyprus, doing some freelance design job, and wedding photography which proved to support my wallet a bit. But I can't wait to get back to produce some creative stuff, and keep the creative juice flowing.

After looking at (or more likely - staring) my photography portfolio for a while, I think now I know what needs to be done, to put that something little special on top! Something that can tide the images together better, as a whole.

For now, I will just share some of my favourite shots I took at the weddings, they are not just special for the lovely couples who invited me to be their photographer, these pictures also mean a lot to me, because they have given me so much joy at the same time :)