New Year! New Stuff! New Plan!!

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Yoooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo

Again, have been a bit neglected my blog...
Here's new year, I hope everyone had a great celebrations, and I have promised myself some new directions and plan over the new year.

First of all, planning to do more male photography, something I really haven't been explored much in the past, besides using my boyfriend/fiance for testing lights, that's one thing I ought to invest more time and ideas on. Hope this will give some fresh look to my portfolio after a while.

Stepping into February, have done two test shoots with two male models so far. In the next few months, besides keep on testing with male models and some new ideas, and going back to my series "Human Origins" for a bit...Next step will be going to explore more in shooting with film camera! With a new job starting soon at the end of this month, at least I shouldn't have to worry too much about spending money testing on the film format, I dare say the first one or two times could be a waste on films :S But we'll see. Having a digital camera at hand i guess I can still at least cheat for a bit!!

And here it is, some new shots done in the new year. And some shots done a while back with Aga (@ Storm) wearing Victim Fashion Street. Great models and fantastic wardrobe, I can't be more happy!!

Model: Emeric Bernard-Jones (@ Maverick Models)

Model: Ben Wong

Model: Aga (@ Storm)
Wardrobe: Victim Fashion Street